Congregational Listening Sessions

November 4, 2018

On Sunday, November 4, we held our quarterly Congregational Listening Session in the Choir Room after worship. The focus of this session was to hear from members about the impact of the hate crime last year. Pastor David facilitated while Moderator John Mingus took notes. The session was primarily composed of individual members sharing how the hate crime impacted them, both at the time and since then. Pastor David engaged in active listening, repeating back to each person what they had shared to make sure that he had understood them. These reflections will shape the Victim Impact Statement that David will be writing about the incident. All are welcome to write their own individual Victim Impact Statement and send it to Fairfax County (care of Marin at, but Pastor David wanted to send over as complete a statement as he could to the judge as sentencing proceeds for Dylan Mahone.