Board of Trustees

March 17, 2019

Addressing Unfunded Priorities

At the January congregational meeting, the Trustees presented – and the congregation approved – a 2019 budget based on submitted pledges and other anticipated income. However, Trustees also shared roughly $75,000 in unfunded priorities which we would pursue by “other means,” including separate fundraising. The Stewardship Committee, in partnership with affected boards and committees, is committed to providing regular communication on these efforts, in the interest of full transparency and to aid members in their decision-making process on supporting key ministries.

First, we are pleased to announce a success! Although the budget was unable to transfer any funding to the Organ Repair Reserve, through generous gifts – including memorial gifts – the fund recently exceeded the Music Committee’s goal of $18,000, which, in combination with some additional planned activities, should fully pay for the organ repairs planned for this summer. Second, we have made significant steps in supporting the youth’s mission trip to Puerto Rico. The Shrove Pancake Supper brought in some $1,700, and Pastor Alexis successfully secured a grant from the Potomac Association of $1,600. While there are still substantial needs here, we are hopeful upcoming events – including the April 27 Open Mic Night – will help close the remaining gap. Third, regarding Board of Outreach and Social Justice (BOSJ)-directed benevolences, the Ministry Board approved the Easter offering for the Rise Against Hunger meal-packing campaign, with any surplus for other hunger-related organizations.

Stay tuned for similar opportunities to support benevolences in the areas of environmental justice/climate change, immigration/refugees, and racial justice. Also, there are ongoing discussions around funding building security and maintenance and a First Friday coordinator.

February 24, 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, February 19 with nine Trustees, the Treasurer and Rev. David Lindsey attending. The Board of Trustees welcomed new and returning Trustees to the Board, reviewed Trustee roles and assignments, and tackled a full agenda of issues. The following individuals will serve as the Board's "Lead" Trustees in key areas of the Board's responsibilities: Mike Nagy - Building Maintenance; Bill Huddleston - Grounds Maintenance; Office Operations and IT - John Acar and Patrick Martin; Building Use - Betsy Erickson; Insurance - Lynn Daft; Budgeting and Finance - Andrew Hunter. The Board of Trustees appointed Robin Petrusak as Assistant Treasurer and Jennifer Mack as Comptroller. In other actions, the Board of Trustees approved the replacement of the water heater, accepting the proposal provided by our current plumbing contractor. The Board also approved the installation of up to three "phase monitors”, a type of surge protector, for key electrical circuits serving the sanctuary. This effort should prevent future loss of electrical power to the sanctuary following storms or unexpected power surges. Eventually additional phase monitors will be installed for other areas of the church, as funds allow. The Board of Trustees also approved and adopted a new Building Use policy, which will be implemented immediately. The new Building Use Policy and building use application form will be available on the website and from the church office.

February 17, 2019

"Adopt-A-Task" for LRUCC Volunteers

The Trustees are asking for volunteers to "Adopt-A-Task." This is similar to the Adopt-A-Highway program that you see signs for on the side of the road recognizing that individuals have adopted a portion of the highway for cleanup or maintenance of some sort. In our case, Little River UCC volunteers would take similar "ownership" of a particular task, periodically monitor if the task needs to be performed, and accomplish the task on their own schedule. Some tasks have already been taken on by volunteers. Here are some remaining tasks needing "ownership”: hedge trimming around the front and lane side of the church, dumpster ground area cleanup, special trash delivery to Fairfax County dump. If you are interested please contact Mike Nagy for details.

January 18, 2019

Trustees met on January 15. Discussion opened with a review of the final numbers associated with the 2018 Budget. The news was positive as many in the congregation stepped up their year-end giving. Total income was close to what had been budgeted. Careful control of expenses meant that expenditures were also below plan so that budgeted income exceeded budgeted expenditures by about $32,000. Because the 2018 budget included almost $55,000 of carryover, the amount available in the General Fund was about $22,000 lower at the end of the year than at the start of the year. This led naturally to discussion of the proposed budget for 2019. As indicated in the recent letter from the Chair of Trustees to the congregation, there are significant challenges in the 2019 budget in accommodating the church’s main priorities. After extensive discussion of how to accommodate the right mix of church priorities, a proposal known as the “Base Case” budget was approved to be shared with Church Council and recommended at the annual meeting. Trustees discussed the timeline for the Sexton’s return and interim support needed until that time. Several building and grounds maintenance issues were addressed along with the status of projects for lock and key replacement and a new security door. The church’s new server has been purchased and will be installed in the next few weeks, which should significantly improve service on the church’s network. Pastor David also shared with the Trustee’s a handsome wall plaque from our sponsored Boy Scout troop which is designed to hang in the church. The choir room wall next to the blackboard seemed to be the best location for this plaque. Lastly, Trustees went over a proposed new Building Use Policy a second time in preparation for its final review and approval.

December 23, 2018

The Trustees met December 18 and discussed a range of financial, building and office concerns. The main focus was on concerns about the church’s cash flow and low cash balances due to lagging pledge income as well as finding ways to significantly reduce the budget to bring it in line with expected pledges for 2019. Trustees voted to extend our interim Sexton and discussed the time frame for the Sexton’s return. We also discussed work done and worked planned on the church’s plumbing to reduce water usage and the replacement of the office server. Discussions on additional improvements to church security are awaiting estimates.

October 16, 2018

The Board of Trustees met the evening of October 16 in the Conference Room for their monthly gathering. They reviewed the Treasurer's Report, discussed the budget for 2019, reflected on building and grounds needs, and reviewed office operations. Of particular interest was the current staffing pattern, including positive feedback on the work being done by the Temporary Sexton. Prayers for the Trustees are welcomed as they begin to prepare the 2019 budget!

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