Communications Committee

October 21, 2019

The Communications Committee met on Monday, October 21 and discussed the roll-out of REALM, priorities for 2020, and recruiting new members.

February 12, 2019

The Communications Committee met on Tuesday, February 12. The committee discussed Pastor David’s suggestion about videotaping sermons and agreed that is it something the church should be doing. The committee approved the purchase of a wireless microphone in order to move forward.

In addition, the committee discussed website changes, updates to the Bylaws, and recruiting new members. If anyone has questions or is interested in joining the committee, please contact Barbara Shepherd at

Message from the Communications Committee — November 9, 2018

The password-protected "Member Login" link on the Little River website has been replaced by a link to "LRUCC Nuts and Bolts" that is not password-protected.

In developing the new website, we envisioned a portion with information of interest to members, but not to the general public or inquiring visitors.  We envisioned that we might subsequently expand this area to include sensitive information, so it was protected with a password freely available to Little River members.

However, the need for a password has frustrated members trying to access useful information on the church’s operations and activities.  Since there is no need for the current information included in that area to be protected, it has been renamed "LRUCC Nuts and Bolts" without password protection.  Future expansion of a "members" area of the website could password protect just any sensitive content warranting the increased security.

October 28, 2018

At the October 28 Communications Committee meeting, members discussed how best to keep website content up to date and complete, noting the need to secure this information from committee and board chairs regularly. Additionally, it was decided that since it is not practical at this time to add the church directory to the website, there is not a need for a password-protected area for members and friends. Therefore, that section of the website will be changed so that it is available to all without a password. It will be called "LRUCC Nuts & Bolts" and continue to contain schedules, procedures and rosters as it does now. The Committee voted to move nearly all of the Website Reserve Fund to an interest-bearing account. There was some discussion about member requests for a more visible and well-lit sign along Little River Turnpike.

August 15, 2018

The Communications Committee met on Wednesday, August 15, and reviewed the church website, including updates to the Members section that are still needed. The Committee also reviewed the Website Reserve Fund budget and discussed appropriate use of the remaining funds.