Board of Christian Education

February 12, 2019

The Board of Christian Education met on Tuesday, February 12. The primary topic for discussion was fundraising for the youth mission trip this summer. The Board plans to work with the youth and teachers of church school classes to design a T-shirt for Little River UCC. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt to the Little River community will go to partial funding of the mission trip. The Board also discussed the importance  and urgency of working with the Racial Justice Coalition to develop a framework for discussing racism with the children and youth of the church, particularly in the context of recent news from the state government in Richmond. Questions? Contact the committee at

December 20, 2018

The Christian Education Board met on Thursday, December 20 to prepare their annual report and discuss plans for the upcoming year. Our adult education class We Make the Road by Walking will continue through the winter and spring; new class members are always welcome! We are tentatively planning on offering TED talk discussions in the summer. If there is a TED talk that you enjoyed and would love to discuss with church members, let us know! Also look for more family social events in the upcoming year, designed to build community amongst our families, children, and youth.

September 20, 2018

The Board of Christian Education met on Thursday, September 20. The Board discussed residual financial issues having to do with the youth mission trip, but these issues will be resolved before the end of the year without putting the Board into a deficit. The first Safe Church training is scheduled for September 23; the second one, previously scheduled for October 5, may be re-scheduled. The Board explored possibilities for a mission trip for the summer of 2019. Bible Sunday will take place on October 28, which is also Consecration Sunday. The Board will plan a Faith and Film event, possibly to coincide with the Advent Fun Shops in December. The next meeting of the Board will take place on Thursday, October 18.

August 16, 2018

The Christian Education Board met on August 16. Members discussed funding issues related to the mission trip. The board also made final plans for Rally Day, Sunday, September 9, during which children and youth will register for church school for the coming year. Pastor Alexis presented plans to present the OWL (Our Whole Lives) curriculum to youth beginning this fall. The board also discussed creating a more robust implementation of security measures in the educational wing of the church.