Arts and Design Meeting Update

June 23, 2019

The Arts and Design Ministry met on June 23. A portion of the money raised at the Silent Auction was approved to be used to update the Conference Room. The Trustees have approved the color and plans are being made to paint during the first week of August 2019. During this renovation, the art work in the Conference Room will be evaluated and moved or given to the Historians for preservation. The piece of art donated and created by Terry Downs will be used as a focal point with other art used to compliment this piece. The group approved sponsorship of an art gallery in the hall leading to the sanctuary with the theme of Rainbows in their many forms - the weather phenomenon, Pride Parade photographs, or diversity art. The hope is this will encourage the congregation to be creative. The Vestibule, Atrium, Coat Closet were cleaned up and different ideas were suggested for name tag storage. A system using wooden shutters was suggested and there will be follow up on design ideas after more research is done. A residual item from the last meeting was a request from the Deacons to identify a Christmas tree for the stage. One has been identified by is probably too large for the stage (9’ high and 68” wide). The Arts and Design Ministry has reached out to BOSJ to see if the tree they purchased last year could be used for the stage and the larger tree used in the Atrium because the scale is more appropriate.

Roberta Croll