Board of Deacons

October 23, 208

The Deacons met on October 23 and greeted some of the Scout leaders who now meet at LR with their Cub and Boy Scouts. We discussed upcoming gatherings, especially the November 4th listening session and the victim impact statement that Pastor David is writing. Coffee hour teams need to be consolidated. Advent Fun Shops and Hanging of Greens need volunteers.

September 25, 2018

The Deacons met on Tuesday, September 25 and discussed their responsibilities for the fall calendar: October 7 -- World Communion; October 14 -- Ministry Sunday and writing notes to college students; October 21 -- Cookie Packing; October 28 -- Consecration Sunday; December 2 -- Fun Shops and Hanging of the Greens; December 6 -- Bereavement Tea at Green Spring Village; and December 9 -- White Gift Service.

The Deacons discussed chartering the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. First Friday is on for November and December; many volunteers are needed.

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