Little River Building Use Policy

Approved by Board of Trustees – August 10, 2010

The following standard building use charges for various spaces in the Little River UCC building shall be generally be applied to all outside groups using the building. The charges are applied for each day of use and depend on whether each space is used for less than 3 hours per day or for 3 or more hours per day. If multiple spaces are used, then the charges for each space shall be separately tabulated and applied.

Room(s)Charge for <3 hrs/dayCharge for ≥3 hrs/dayComments
Rm 2, 3, or 4$100 each$125 each
Rm 5/6 (Yellow Rm)$175$225
Rm 7 or 8$125 each$150 each
Conference Rm$125$150
Nursery$125$225 Special permission required
Choir Room$175$225
Social Hall$175$225
Jubilee Rm$175$225
Kitchen$175$225 Special permission & orientation required
Sanctuary$250$450Special permission required
Parking lotSee comment See CommentParking lot use is presumed and not separately charged for any building use. Any use of the parking lot without use of the building shall be specifically approved and the charge determined by the Trustees


1. These building use charges do not apply to the Annandale Cooperative Preschool and the United College Ministries of Northern Virginia. LRUCC has separate specific agreements with those organizations for use of space in the building

2. Article XIII of the LRUCC Constitution and By-Laws defines and states requirements for “Auxiliary Organizations”. All other organizations are considered outside groups for purposes of these building use charges. The fact that one or more members of an organization are also members of LRUCC does not alter this distinction.

3. An individual may also request and be approved for use of portions of the LRUCC building for personal use, except that no commercial use of the building may be authorized.

4. These charges do not apply to the Potomac Association, the Central Atlantic Conference, or to Committees of either of these organizations, since they are directly supported by LRUCC funding.

5. These charges do not apply to organizations supported by LRUCC benevolence disbursements. However, they shall be noted for the record.

6. These charges do not apply to staging for or conducting religious services (e.g., weddings, baptisms, memorial services, etc) of LRUCC members nor do they apply for receptions sponsored by LRUCC in conjunction with these services. They do apply to privately sponsored wedding receptions.

7. These charges may be reduced or waived, if considered appropriate by the pastor(s) or the Board of Trustees. However, in all such cases, the amount of building use income waived shall be considered a benevolence to the group involved and reported within LRUCC as such.