Spiritual Autobiography Class

Wednesday, October 23

Pastor David is delighted to teach a class designed to help you write your own spiritual autobiography! Little River is blessed to have a lot of amazing people with fascinating lives -- lives full of experiences and wisdom that the world is aching to hear. Even if you think your life is not that interesting, Pastor David can testify that your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews usually disagree. Why not put pen to paper as a lasting legacy to future generations, so that they can learn something about life and faith from you? Modeled on the spiritual journey of Abraham, this class is designed to help you notice God's presence in your life; to encourage you to share your experiences of faith through storytelling; and to enjoy fun and fellowship!

Classes are from 7:00 to 8:30 pm on Wednesday nights in Room 8. Please let Pastor David know if you're interested by emailing him at david@lrucc.org so that he can be sure to have enough materials for everyone.

If you can’t make the class but want to follow along, you will have the chance to write from prompts in the bulletin each week. This week’s prompt is: “Write about one way in which you ‘wear’ your family identity. Do you have your grandfather’s nose, your aunt’s eyes, your father’s gait, your mother’s laugh? Write about it using concrete, sensory language, then reflect on a) how this body part does (or doesn’t) reflect your relationship with that person and b) how and where God shows up in that relationship.

Roberta Croll