Nominations and Appointments Committee

November 7, 2018

The Nominations and Appointments committee met on Wednesday, November 7 to discuss nominations and vacancies for the upcoming year.  The committee consisting of Robert Lingo, Barbara Allen, and Tom Ross are working with committee chairs and others to identify people who might be asked to serve.  Further information will be posted in upcoming church bulletins about particular needs.

October 10, 2018

The N&A Committee consisting of Barbara Allen, Bob Lingo and Tom Ross met on Wednesday, October 10. The Committee reaffirmed the following appointments: Ann Opsahl to the Safe Church committee to serve with Susan Britton (no set term) and Steve Wheelock replacing George Leonard (Class of 2020) on the Endowment Fund Committee. The Committee also reviewed the “LRUCC Roster of Leadership” dated September 4, 2018 identifying individuals who will be completing terms at the conclusion of this year. Committee members will be reaching out to the board chairs and others to determine interest in filling vacancies which will be voted on at the 2019 Little River UCC annual meeting.

Individuals who may be interested in assisting should contact any of the N&A board members. In addition, a Ministry Fair will be taking place on Sunday, October 14 after worship in the social hall for church members to talk to various Board and Committees of the church to find out more information.

August 15, 2018

The Nominations and Appointments Committee met on Wednesday, August 15.  Key actions taken were to approve appointment of Steve Wheelock to replace George Leonard on the Endowment Committee and to review vacancies for the 2019 annual meeting.  The committee will meet again in early October to begin active planning for the new year.