Endowment Fund Committee

December 16, 2018

Endowment Fund – A Success!

Since reaching the threshold of $250,000 in contributions three years ago, the Endowment Fund has been able to disburse $48,000 for outreach projects, scholarships, church improvements, and the operating fund. Plus, the Fund’s investments have continued to grow to a current market value of about $450,000.

Now that you have submitted your pledge for 2019 (Right?), are you looking for an additional tax deduction for 2018, a way to memorialize a friend or loved one in perpetuity, or a chance to help Little River grow into its vision for the future? If so, you are invited to submit a check to LRUCC with Endowment Fund on the memo line. Thank you for whatever you contribute.

October 10, 2018

Our Treasurer’s report showed contributions of $11,375 during the third quarter of 2018. Total contributions are now $307,383. Market value of the Fund as of September 30 was $465,123. This is an increase of $20,070 over the previous quarter.

Boards and committees have been informed of amounts available from the Fund for 2019. The Endowment Fund committee reviews spending proposals to ensure that they are consistent with the Fund policy. No proposals have been received to date.