Our Church
in the world

Our Church in the World

Called by scripture to go forth, members of Little River United Church of Christ are committed to make a difference in the world around us – by studying, by speaking out, by supporting others, and by acting on our convictions.

We study:

To better understand the world around us and our role as people of faith, we gather on Sunday mornings and other times to study issues of the day and the connections among social concerns, politics, and spirituality.

We speak:

As individuals, we raise our voices on local, national, and international issues, such as affordable housing, gay rights, clean energy, and debt relief for impoverished nations. As a church, we have declared that we are Open and Affirming and have joined the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.

We support:

A substantial portion of Little River’s annual operating budget and special offerings annually are devoted to local, national, and international mission and relief activities. The church also provides meeting space for many local community organizations.

We act:

To increase awareness and encourage purchase of products based on principles of economic and social justice, we sell certified Fair Trade products monthly.  On an individual basis, many members are professionally and personally engaged in activities that reflect the commitment to influence the world around us.


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