Community & Fellowship

Little River United Church of Christ welcomes and embodies diversity – in background, in thought, and in interest. Our membership is spread over a large part of Fairfax County, and beyond, and yet members and friends of Little River United Church of Christ enjoy a strong sense of community.

We rejoice with one another in times of celebration. We assist in times of need. We grieve in times of sorrow.

Myriad opportunities for fellowship for people of all ages comprise a significant part of our life together and reinforce our sense of community at Little River UCC. Our congregation is small enough so that it is easy to know many of the members, large enough for a variety of activities, and accustomed to transient members so that new people are welcomed readily. Many members find that some of their best friends are other Little River members, where the bonds of friendship have been formed in one or more of the church’s activities. Check the Calendar for information on upcoming events.


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