Roster of Congregational Leaders

This roster lists officers, board and committee members, and volunteers or contacts for other groups at Little River UCC. See below for full explanations of symbols and term numbers. Right-click here to save a copy (PDF).


20nn year of term expiration (at January annual meeting)
(n) current term of service
+ plus partial term as mid-term appointment
┬░ appointed position
* chair or co-chair


Church Clerk E.B. Browning (7) Seventh term, no limit.
Comptroller┬░ Susan Yellen
Appointed position, no fixed term.

Board of Deacons (3-year term, limit of 2 consecutive terms)
Antoinette Blackwell (1)
First term, expires January 2017. Eligible for 1 more term.
John Calvin (0+) Appointed to partial term, expires January 2017. Eligible for 2 more full terms.
Henry Opukaha?ia (2)* Second consecutive term. Must leave the board after January 2017.
Alexander Twilight (1)
First term (served 2 previous terms, then 1-year break). May serve 1 more term.