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Dr Henry  with patient

Dr. Anil Henry at Christian Hospital Munegli

National and International Outreach

Fair Trade

To increase awareness and to encourage purchase of products based on principles of economic and social justice, Little River UCC offers Fair Trade products, including coffee, tea, olive oil, and chocolate candy bars, for sale each month. Our church is part of an active Olive Oil Ministry that aims to improve the quality of life of Palestinian farmers and support The Tent of Nations, an international organization that brings together people of different faiths from neighboring villages and separate countries in order to build trust and hope.

Fair Trade Holiday Festival

The Board of Outreach and Social Justice hosts an annual Fair Trade Festival featuring fair trade products made by disadvantaged artisans from around the world. Purchases of these products help establish a sustainable market to provide stable income for artisans who would otherwise not be fully employed. This fair is made possible by collaboration with the Fair Trade network Ten Thousand Villages and the Giving Circle of Reston, a group of low-income women who produce homemade soaps and sachets. Look for the Fair Trade Holiday Festival the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Global Ministries Outreach

Little River UCC sustains a relationship with the Christian Hospital Mungeli, India. We express our interest and support through correspondence, personal contact, and financial contributions. In return, the congregation gains an understanding of how Global Ministries, a joint program of the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ, assists people in less prosperous countries who are part of our Christian concern.

Lancaster Theological Seminary

Lancaster Theological Seminary is the United Church of Christ seminary that serves the mid-Atlantic region. Since 1825, Lancaster has prepared people for ministry. Little River UCC provides financial support to Lancaster Theological Seminary.

International Justice Mission

Little River UCC has joined in partnership with the International Justice Mission, an international agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. IJM supports lawyers, investigators, and aftercare professionals in thirteen Asian, African, and Latin American nations. They work with local officials to secure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, prosecute perpetrators, and ensure that public justice systems effectively protect the poor. At home, volunteers advocate for US policies opposing sex trafficking and slavery.

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Little River UCC is a member of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and its local chapter, the Washington Region Religious Campaign Against Torture, whose “Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order on Torture and Prisoner Treatment” our congregation has officially endorsed.

Thelma Morris Fellowship for Missions

Thelma Morris Fellowship for Missions is a fund that honors a former member of Little River UCC whose interest was the mission work of the church. Upon applying, one or more adult or youth church members may receive funds to defray the costs of participating in a mission project of the United Church of Christ or other appropriate mission project.

United Church of Christ Funds

Little River UCC contributes regularly to several special funds of the wider United Church of Christ.

Our Church's Wider Mission
OCWM provides essential support for missionaries both at home and overseas, new church starts, the staff of the UCC's 38 conferences, and development of church school curricula, as well as support and resources to about 5,600 UCC churches nationwide.

Strengthen the Church
Strengthen the Church is an all-UCC offering that supports the God is Still Speaking ministry, building youth and young adult ministries, nurturing leadership, funding new church starts, and invigorating existing congregations.

Neighbors in Need
This is an all-UCC offering to benefit our disadvantaged homeland neighbors, as well as to support Native American ministries in the United Church of Christ.

One Great Hour of Sharing
The One Great Hour of Sharing offering underwrites the disaster relief, refugee response, and long-term development work of ten Protestant denominations. Most of the focus is overseas, but it also recognizes and supports similar needs in the U.S.

The Christmas Fund
The Christmas Fund provides financial aid to retired and active ministers and their surviving spouses and children who face overwhelming financial demands.

Potomac Association Support
The Potomac Association is the representative body of the 29 UCC churches in the greater Washington area. Support for the Association underwrites special mission initiatives and programming within the communities it covers.