About Us


Q. What should I wear?
A. When you enter a worship service at Little River, you'll quickly notice the diversity in what people wear, from casual to business casual to business.

Q. Will I be conspicuous?
A. That is up to you. We have greeters who are ready to give you any information you may need.  But if you would rather go unnoticed, that's okay, too. Just walk by the greeters straight down the hallway into the sanctuary. No one will ask you to stand up or introduce yourself during the service.

Q. Will they ask me for money?
A. Each week there is a time to express our faith in God through the giving of an offering.  The offering is an act of worship for all who wish to participate. If you choose to make a gift, envelopes are available at each seat.

Q. Will I still be welcome if I don’t believe the same things?
A.You will be welcome no matter what you believe. We are all on a life journey and want to encourage each other as we travel together.

Q. What will my kids experience?
A. We are intentional in our faith formation experiences to ensure that children come to a safe, fun environment. When your children enter our classrooms on Sunday morning, they will experience creative lessons and fellowship with others their age. Our dedicated volunteer staff strives each week to guarantee a rewarding time for your children.